Friday, March 19, 2010

The best Size of the TV for you

Size of the television is the first point must be defined when you buy a new TV, common law is that the larger is always better when it comes to the size of television, despite the fact that this statement is true in general since all that is grown only increased the fun that there are many other factors that affect on the size of a television, which may make the larger size is not necessarily the best or most appropriate.In this article we'll show you the steps that will help you choose the size of TV is right for you.These tips apply to high-quality flat panel televisions plasma and LCD HDTV
1 - Budget: The first step should be done is to determine your budget, the budget will determine conclusively the largest size TV you can buy it, after that determine the budget and the bulk value, which can afford to fully read the following tips.
2 - Game on TV: The size of the room and the distance between you and the TV is the second most important factor when defining the size, there are many scientific theories, which determine the Surface Best viewing distance, the most popular theory says that the closest distance should not be less than 1.5 diameter screen and not be beyond a distance of more than 3 times the screen diameter so as not to lose details of the image, and this is what we prepared for you in and do not forget that these are approximate figures did not take it literally:These sizes apply when you run a high-quality HD content
TV size 26 inches is recommended by the nearest distance of 1 m / beyond the recommended distance of 2 meters.
TV size 30 to 32 inches closer distance recommended 1.15 m / s as far away as advised by 2.3 meters.
TV size 34 to 37 inches closer distance of the recommended 1.3 m / far distance of 2.5 meters is recommended.
TV size 40 to 42 inches closer distance recommended 1.6 m / as far away as advised by 3 meters.
TV size 46 to 47 inches closer distance recommended 1.7 m / as far away as advised by the 3.6-meter.
TV size 50 to 52 inches closer distance recommended 1.9 m / far distance of 3.8 m is recommended.
TV size 55 inches closer distance of the recommended 2.1 m / far distance of 3.9 meters is recommended.
TV size 60 to 62 inches closer distance of 2.2 meters is recommended / recommended as far away as 4.5 meters.
TV size 65 inches closer distance of the recommended 2.4 m / far distance of 4.9 m is recommended.
Start Bobad always possible distance within the allowable range and then seen near the place that I noticed that you started to lose details.
Do not forget to save space behind the TV for ventilation and exit from the heat, when you measure your room and the distance you will sit where in the exhibition tried to match them and moved the same distance from the screen, which will sit where in the room so take the rule clearer.
3 - the content that you see: When you run content like an ordinary TV channels and Alsatleight regular on the TV high-quality HD, the quality is not perfect and this general rule and permanent, so if you use the main Tvaz is watch live normal quality SD is not keen to much on the size Great, but it's better not exceed 37 inches so as not to see a lot of distortion and 32-inch and less may be better, either, if you will run the DVD movies and games and high-quality HD content borders open.
4 - the available space: a lot of buyers have a limited space or a table or library of predefined, it is important to measure the energy table in terms of weight and dimensions and is the largest size of the bear, so Take measurements of furniture you have that you do not intend to purchase a table reserved for TV's new.
5 - personal preference: What do you think? What is your personal taste? Are you people who prefer large screens and dive into the screen? Or are you of people who prefer to be the screen part of the room and not take the room as a whole, also do not forget an important factor, a health worker, many feel a headache or pain in the eyes when you see the screen for a prolonged period, if you have tried not to take the big screen.
Tip the buyer. Com of the situation correct: should always be your eyes in the middle of the screen, you should be able to watch full screen without the need to move your head or eyes, if you find that you need to move your head or eyes, it means you're closer than necessary or that the screen larger than Myspace Mum and your room, and if found that your eyes start at the bottom or top of the screen may modify the location of the screen you care about until it reaches the area of ​​your eyes to the middle of the screen.
General tips:
1 - always when it comes to your last point is huge confusion between as measured, that the budget was not a problem choose a size larger than Almqasin Mahtar them, for it is rare to say I wish that the TV was smaller, but you might say I wish I Sherritt TV more.
2 - Keep in mind that the screen looks smaller in the exhibition because they are next to dozens of other models, but when they arrive to your room will look larger than you remember when I saw her in the show, so I put this point into account.


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