Friday, March 12, 2010

Children and television .. Problems and controls

- What is the average number of hours in which children sit to watch TV?- What is the quality of programs watched by children?- What are the activities practiced by the children next to watch TV?- Are there any precautions exercised by parents to watch television programs?- Do you watch children any kind of educational programs alongside other recreational programs?- Do you play any role in TV programs in the classroom?All these questions have been studied and answered by a large number of male and female students between the ages of (12-16) and has been chosen about 50 questions to work on answering those children who are exactly at the age of boyhood and youth on the outskirts.The number of hours that children spend watching television to preoccupy all parents and all those involved by education in our country, because poor children remain impassive silent for long periods Ibhlqon on the screen, which negatively affects the psyche where Tthbld feelings, and Tatral muscles of their bodies.If you ask someone to do something it works that work and probably work another job because all the other mind preoccupied with being on television, I asked him the cup of water he might bring you a cup of tea and so on.Since there were some programs that affect them, they became even prefer to get out of the house to entertain a request that they love, and sometimes maybe someone apologizes for going out at the time of his beloved.It is noted that children continue to be a lot of time sitting in front of the TV to see all the programs, including, of course, that concern them, including those that do not concern them, especially the child who is alone at home and has no brothers play with them, and remain so until overcome them sleep, or ordering them to their mother, move away from the television .Those long hours spent by children watching TV programs but also affect the health representative at the dull and the same way, and the negative impact on the eyes of the child, often a child is ill in his eyes, especially since in most cases, sitting near the TV screen, which affects his eyes damaged as a result of the strong radiation emitted from the screen and those affecting the eyes of the child.The frequent TV viewing affect the level of children in terms of: their beliefs - their ideas - ideas about what goes on in the world - their physical, mental and social, they receive information from any point of what, whether true or false.In a study set up by Melissa Lander - and found that about 89% of homes are located region in north London have TVs, and more that families allocate a television special for those children.
In another study carried out by the study centers for the British satellite found that the average child to watch television programs about (2.5 to 3.2) hours per day, and may increase if channels produced programs more acceptable to children, but in the proportion of the holiday season seen rising up about (5-6) hours a day.One of those who were questioned, we find only about 8% who say they spend only about an hour per day watching television. Of course, there is disparity between the proportion of girls and boys watch, where we find that children usually watch television more than girls, or 3 or more hours per day, while girls Vijlsn less than boys and usually less than having witnessed the hours up to less than 3 hours per dayProgram determined by the parents and children together
The programs must agree on the specific position and the father, mother and children, so you must walk it throughout the school year, to be changed in the summer holiday so that more space is given to the child to watch television programs.
Must take into account the program:- Put an end to watch a specific evening, so you must not exceed nine o'clock pm, and because the tort to ensure serious on the body of a young child, then return it affected negatively by the mind, and reduce the rate quotas focus.It is noted that the children focus on watch for programs with dynamic nature of violent films and movies and detective films, which means the aspects of sports, while girls prefer to see social programs, technical and those that care of their own beauty and art of the kitchenIt is noticeable that boys do not like programs with dye so that the news does not concern itself with only 21% only, while watching dramas and comedies nearly 41%.- Parents should set some channels to be watched by their children, which are those channels that broadcast programs for children, so you must stop them watching the channels that broadcast programs violence programs and pornographic, and has demonstrated the study, about 45% of the children try their parents to develop a plan To see the specific targeted programs, and they succeeded in that task.Watching TV comes undoubtedly lead to failure to exercise some social activities and other cultural, especially in the Queen reading, where the ratio of reading among children in terrible, and the direct cause of the presence of satellite channels that ran all times children and prevented them from reading.Despite the fact that television is a warehouse for the supply of valuable information but that the scientific community has not prepared an educational means academic, and is considered scholars of education that the vision of children's TV rate (10) hours per week is good and the benefit of children, while if more than (10) hours per week, it becomes harmful to children.We must not lose sight of parents desire children in these specialized programs that are compatible with their interests and desires, they encourage them looking at it and listen to their views and ideas around, and if possible, can their vision so we share Thee becomes a love twofold so that we become friends to our children, we share all that interested in the adventures and events childish Riot .


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