Thursday, March 11, 2010

How does the remote control of TV work ?

How it works and the remote control unit (remote control)
Look and function remote control is more complicated than we see that simple and spontaneous it converts the user pressed the button to signal the infrared picked up the TV.
And remove the back cover of the device, we find that there is only one part can be seen, a "printed circuit board", which contain electronic components and place of delivery of the battery.
And components that you see here are similar in all organs of the remote control, you will see the unity of an integrated circuit, also known as the slide Chip, a vehicle known as the unity of the bilateral 18-straight lines of the internal double, and you'll see to the right of the slide-valve dual (diode), and the valve triple (transistor ) The black color and action of three heads, valve ring and a yellow color. And Mquaomtin Khaddaruwan. And intense dark blue, and there is next to the battery connectors to resist intense green and a brown disk. And can slide in this department in any sense of pressure on any button and you will then translate these into a series of pressure pulses similar to Morse code (used in the telegraph), and each button (key) and a series of pulses of various of its own. The chip sends the signal (pulses) to the triode, which in turn Petkberha and strengthened.

# To the printed circuit board:
Is a panel of high and small, made of fiberglass, printed on the surface drilling of high copper wires, and electronic components can be installed on this panel. And use these circuits it is easy to produce and assembled in high volumes. As it is relatively inexpensive to print ink on a sheet of paper. So too is in charge of printing copper wires on a page (plate) of glass fiber, and also easy to install electronic components (chip and transistors, etc.) automatically on this board and collected for wired copper, and containing the panel on the set of connection points for the buttons the device, which is made from thin rubber, and each button disk power connector (black color). When the button is pressed affect this disc connection points on the board and brought into the slide Vths this connection. There at the end of painting valve light-emitting infra-red can be seen Kelmbp a small light.
All valves made light-emitting visible light but valves for remote control transmitted infrared radiation which is invisible to the human eye. But not insurmountable at all the eyes in any case, for example, can the video camera to see these rays, are directing the remote control at the camera and pressing a button can see infrared flashing on the screen. And the receiver in the TV was able to see these rays as well, and work the remote control as follows: When you press any button electrical connections are improved by the slide and determine the CD button and make specific reference to this button-like blade Moors. The transistor maximize the signal and send it to the LED emitting light that is converted to the infrared sensor sees on television and see him have the required implementation.


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