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How does the television work ?

When a person looks directly to the scene of what it considers the entire scene at once. But can not send a full television picture the scene at once. But sends the TV is in the form of micro-parts one after the other. And divide the camera's live television to hundreds of thousands of small parts. This process is called scanning. When cleared the camera's electronic signals they are each part of the picture.
The device uses these signals to the TV re-configure the image on the screen. And re-configure the scanning process the image as it was when the transmission. The viewer can not see it, because the survey is high speed, so the viewer sees the whole picture.
Include the process of sending images and sounds live television three steps 1 Converting sound waves and light from the scene, which is televised to the two electronic signals to send these signals to a television receiver. 3 Re-order signals, then convert them back to the same sound waves and light that came from the original scene.Composition of live television signals
Begins when they enter the live television signal light emitted from the television to view the camera live television. Turning the camera light into electronic signals. At the same time, the microphone picks up sounds from the scene and turning it into electronic signals. The engineers called television signals camera video signals, and signals the microphone audio signals.
Describes this part of the article How to be a live television camera video signals. And also explains how to obtain the video signals from Altlesinma (TV movies) and video. Composed audio signals live television in the same way used in the radio signals. For more information on this process, see: the radio.
Video signals broadcast by most TV stations are signs of color line. This produces a color image signal when received on a color TV, the image is colored when received on a black and white.
Color television uses three main colors of light, red, blue and green to produce color images. And gives the appropriate mix of these three colors any color from the color of light. Fmzj red light and green light produce yellow for example, and equal amounts of red light, blue and green produce white light.Camera live television
In order to produce the camera signal to compatible color should be based on three tasks:
Picks up a picture which depicts the scene 2 The video signals of Figure 3 is a color signal for broadcast. To perform these tasks using the live television camera lens and the system of mirrors and filters and valves, camera, and complex electronic circuits. Has placed some of these electronic circuits in place of another television station linked to the camera-mediated wires.
Capture the image. Gathered in front of the lens image of the scene camera. And focalization (pool and bends) the camera lens the light from the scene and have a clear picture of exactly as it occurs in lenses, cameras and other human eye. It contains all the colors of the image on the scene. In order to produce the camera signals to color should count as a color photo all - into three separate images - one for each color key.
Most cameras use the two women live television Tnaiiti color images to count the main colors and a mirror reflects the first image and allow the blue light red and green to pass through it. The second mirror reflects the image is red, leaving Green with only valve to the camera. Mirrors reflect the other red and blue images to separate valves. Is the separation of colors in many of the cameras using color filters and publications are placed in a box called a small block publication.Configure the video signals
Valve prevents the camera's optical signals to the video. There is color camera and one valve, while containing most of the color cameras with high quality three valves. These valves shall be a separate video signal for each of the three main colors. But a lot of small cameras, laptops, cameras, low-quality valve contain one. There on the surface of this valve many tapes nomination red, blue and green minute. These are divided streaks of light to the three main colors, and then converts each color of LED colors to the video signal separately.
And valves, the camera is a color picture of a modified valve called Vdikon. This section describes the operation of valves in the cameras that contain the three valves.
Contains a valve Alfdikon on a tablet interface glass in his introduction, and there on his back a transparent layer called the wave signal. There is a second wave behind the wave is called the target signal. Of the target layer of optical conductivity, conduct electricity when exposed to light. There in the back of the LED device called a gun electrons.
Up the light from the image to the target after passing through the faceplate and waved the signal. And cause the movement of light negatively charged particles, called electrons in the direction of wave signal. And the failure of this movement a positive electric charges on the back of the target board. Depends density positive charge in any region of the target light intensity falling on this region. Valve and change the camera's optical lens to an image collected similar electrical composed of positive charges on the back of the goal.
Electron gun and shoot a beam of electrons to the back of the goal. And moving the beam across the target pattern of a regular pattern called a survey, hitting areas with different density of positive charge, and attracts high-density areas of shipments most of the beam electrons. This occurs because the particles with different charges attract each other, while other regions attract a smaller number of electrons. The electrons move through the target and causing an electric current passes in a board of reference. And change the intensity of this trend of the moment to another depending on the collision beam bright or dark area of ​​the image. It uses AC to get the effort variable. This effort is video signal from the valve of the camera.
Electron gun scans the target from right to left, and bottom to the top. And scans e-beam line and leaves next to it on the target. After the beam scans the bottom line, return quickly to the right. And then begins to scan the third line, and V, and so forth. When the beam reaches to the top of the target, it returns quickly to the second line from the bottom and begin to clear all the lines of marriage.
In many countries, the survey follows the pattern of live television cameras in the system phase alternating line PAL, which consists of 625 lines of 312.5 line individually, and 312.5 line my husband, and complements the beam scanning area when one scans the 312.5 line, and is made up of live television two, and then called a frame. E-beam and moves quickly to enable the production of a full 25 frames per second. If offered only 25 pictures per second, the picture may look volatile. But to send each frame in two areas will show 50 images per second. At this rate the fastest, the fluctuation of Ataatpin eye image.
In the system of National Commission for Standardization standard TV (if. ​​T. S. C) by the developer in the United States, is composed of 525 lines with a full 30 frames per second. In the French SECAM system may be the number of lines 625 or 819 line with a full 25 frames per second.Clear signs of color
Includes three video signals to other signals to get a signal color compatible. Include the first step in this process, combining the three video signals to the signals to color encoding, Tzmian Altheloenetin references. The reference black or white is called the luminance signal. And lead the post in the Department of the encrypted called the matrix. The other department in the ciphertext, called the circle to include a combination Altleuenip signals and luminance signal, as well as add color and batch synchronization signals. And able to push the colors of a color television separation of color information in the signal Altleuenip. This information allows the luminance signal in addition to producing full-color image on a TV screen. Synchronization signals and connects the receiver pattern of the same survey used in the camera.Altlesinma
A device that converts images from the film or slides to Tlvasip signals. Used Altlesinma group of machines as well as films and slides to a camera and TV One, called the camera Altlesinma to constitute such signals. The Unit is composed Altlesinma sometimes called the film series of Teen Movies of machines, machine and a slide show and double addition to the camera Altlesinma. The multiplier is a system of mirrors draws images from film and slides to a camera Altlesinma. Then turning the camera images to video signals.Videotape
Store images, sounds, live television in the form of magnetic pulses on the tape. And record the video signals are usually in the form of oblique tracks in the middle of the tape, while the recorded sounds and control signals along the edge of the tape. In contrast to the films that should appear (acidification) before the show, the video can be seen after the registry directly.
Generator symbols, titles writer to write and draw some simple pictures directly on TV without the use of a camera. The generator works like a computer small, and can be letters and pictures easy with different sizes and colors, storing and moving it.


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