Friday, March 19, 2010

The Effects of TV

The TV in the main industrialized countries influential in the lives of people. As it affects how people spend their time and what they learn and how they learn. Also affect the other institutions of society Kalmwssat political and other media and sport. Some experts believe that the impact of television on young players than its impact on adults.Impact on leisure
Under the U.S. or European of time before the television more than anything else. The TV viewing of the most consuming activities for leisure time among adults. They overwhelm the other activities, such as: reading, dialogue, meeting, and sports.Its impact on learning
Contribute so much as television viewers are learning. It also benefits them to increase their expertise. But it may contribute in giving a bad impression about the world.Impact on the experience
Does not have a communications system long many people as a huge variety of experiences, as did television, and without that, undaunted, their homes, viewers can see the government officials who are doing important work, and watching how people live in distant lands, takes TV viewers into the desert, and jungle, and the seabed. TV viewers can see how the representative of famous lead role of Hamlet, and how the finest representatives stooges laughing people. It also provides television viewers to glimpses of the tragedies of real life, when it goes before the victims of wars, natural disasters, and poverty. It is also recorded major moments of victory such as the arrival of human to the moon for the first time. However, some experts wonder about the amount of information that may remember the scenes after watching television.Adverse impact
Believed by many scientists, that people may come out Bantbain passive of many watching television; one of these Alantbain believe the audience that a lot of people better than them, and the impression the other that the world is safe, and friendly (intimate), and it is filled with people is Momonin.
TV programs show people usually live a luxurious life, have much to Aimlkh viewers. In addition, the ads urge viewers to buy many items. And is believed by many sociologists that as a result, high physical requirements of television viewers to unrealistic levels sometimes. When people fail to achieve the success that they see on television do not feel satisfaction and a sense of bitterness. Some people have been turning to crime to achieve material wealth.
Have contributed to a world full of violence and crime presented by the television to give the impression that the world of evil. Studies have shown that people who watch TV too much exposed to the composition of negative thoughts or frightening about the world, unlike other people. However, some researchers believe that people who watch TV a lot are the ones who have these ideas in advance.Impact on the institutions
I have the latest television major changes in politics, movies, radio and sports.Impact on policy
Uses thousands of political candidates in the countries of Western democracy in an election year in the television campaign. They also appear in debates with their opponents and answer questions from viewers about their opinions. The television performance of the most important roles in national elections. Before the invention of television and the leaders of political parties are trying to emerge and deliver their speeches in the largest possible number of cities. Today they can during a meeting with a television and a single access to a number of voters than they meet in person throughout the campaign.
Politicians can, in some countries, like the United States to buy time on television advertising spot, a political message lasts from 10 to 90 seconds. In other countries, such as the UK is such ads are illegal. Instead, the authorities allow the radio to the main political parties some time on television to view their policies and views.
Make television a lot to increase interest in politics and political issues, but political advertising on TV raises many criticisms. Critics say that advertising spot is too short to not allow the politicians to discuss various topics. Instead, it uses the politicians time to view the available simplified expressions to win support, or to attack their rivals. Critics also claim that, because of the high cost of television time in countries like the United States, the live television campaigns give an unfair advantage to rich political parties. Another criticism directed campaigns for live television, it will lead to the sale of the policy through the means of advertisement is similar to the methods used in the sale of products.Cinema and radio
The movies, radio, and the two main tools of entertainment for millions of people from the twenties to the forties of the twentieth century. It was a lot of people go to the cinema once every week at least. As they listen to comedy and tragedy, and other entertainment programs on the radio every evening. However, the spread of television in the fifties, led to a sharp decline in the number of moviegoers in some countries. Has completely changed entertainment radio after television became part of everyday life. And the closure of several entertainment programs, radio, recorded music became the main program on the radio.
National magazines also suffered after the spread of television. Has ceased publication some magazines boom, which was distributed amount to several million, after about advertisers huge amounts to the TV.
Professional sports have attracted millions of spectators annually. Now, many people watching sports on television. And pay television networks and stations huge sums for the right to broadcast sporting events. TV and helps to further increase the popularity of sports. For example, in the United Kingdom, snooker's popularity soared as a result viewed on television. It is believed some opponents of the television coverage of sports games is that the People lose a lot of attention when overshadowed by the games that are popular on television programs.Influence on young players
There is considerable agreement on the impact of television on young players. The parents always interested in the amount of time spent growing up in front of the TV. Studies have linked between watching TV and lower academic achievement. However, it did not prove that watching TV a reality in the cause of this decline. But may be watching TV is a popular level for impaired students, and considers other studies that television encourages aggressive behavior showing violence.


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