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The role of television in different parts of the world

Popularity of television led to a huge industry Tlvasip, particularly in industrialized countries, such as: Australia and the United Kingdom and the United States. In these States and other leading television played an important role in the lives of almost everyone.Saudi Arabia
Saudi television broadcast its programs via two channels: the first in Arabic, and second in both English and French. Plan has been developed for broadcast on the third channel as well.
Television is a complex one important landmarks in the city of Riyadh Bbergh which rises 176 m, and its building of a modern design advanced. Saudi TV has started in early 1976 to deal with satellites in several areas were held Kiesitan stations, in Riyadh, the first dealing with the satellite over the Indian Ocean object of the Intelsat network, and the second in Taif deal with the satellite over the Atlantic Ocean. Then added a third station in Riyadh for a record deal with the moon object over the Atlantic Ocean. Saudi television also deals with the Arab satellite known as Arabsat.
The diversification of the Saudi TV programs with a focus on the performance of his educational, informational and recreational, educational, and religious interest in programs that received the largest proportion of all TV programs. And unique to Saudi TV service distinctly Islamic, the transfer of the Hajj on the air live via satellite, and transmit the Maghrib and Isha of the Prophet's Mosque and the Holy Mosque every day.

United Arab Emirates
Exist in the United Arab Emirates Tlvasip four stations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. It was the first station Abu Dhabi TV Arab Tlvasip gives viewers news reports illustrated their own, some of the sites of events, either live or on-air hours after the event, mediated by satellite. The Dubai was the first TV station Alltkst system introduced in the Arab world and the first to offer live television service in Arabic in London through a network Tlvasip. TV stations also started to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to broadcast their programs across channels spacecraft in the Arab satellite Arabsat.Kuwait
Kuwaiti television began to broadcast its programs by the private sector and then go to the government sector in 1960, and was broadcast in black and white until March 1974, where you enter the color on the occasion of the third session of the Gulf which was held in Kuwait.
The television broadcast was aired at the beginning of a period of 4 hours per day, and continued until November 5, 1963, then increased the period to 36 hours per week. In March 1966, and reached to 52 hours per week then rose to 58 hours per week.Oman
The Ministry of Information of Oman to strengthen and support the broadcast television station through a satellite Amrat area, and through the twelve main station and 39 base stations spread across all regions. In order to be comprehensive TV coverage for all regions, have signed the Convention on the Ministry of Information and the draft comprehensive coverage of TV and radio on the FM waves. M with French company Thomson. This phase includes the establishment of 16 stations is a major branches, including 75 stations.
Qatar. Opened the first phase of the Qatar TV in August 1970 in black and white, colored and began broadcasting in July 1974. Continued a series of development, modernization and expansion in this prestigious media device. And broadcast television programs currently on the channels (9-11) and (37) and last, designed to provide foreign programs and competitive sports.Egypt
Industry has a centralized Egyptian television channels and six local channels and satellite channel and a channel for visual information and Nile Drama. The latter was opened in June 1996. The satellite channel has started in Egypt in the first sent by the Arab satellite Arabsat to reach to the Arab world, Africa and Europe. In April 1998, Egypt launched its first satellite of its own, thus becoming the first Arab country to have a separate satellite.Jordan
Jordanian TV broadcasts its programs through two channels and one in Arabic and the other in English and French. The satellite channel has started in Jordan finally sent by the Arab satellite Arabsat.Tunisia
Tunisian television broadcast programs through the channels of three, first in Arabic and French second and the third covering the Maghreb region.Sudan
Began broadcasting television in the Sudan in 1963, began as a space of Sudan has left in 1996 for a period of 17 hours a day. There are channels broadcast a regional spread in all regions of Sudan. The Sudan's 26 provinces.Australia
There are five networks for TV is the largest Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC television services responsible for national non-commercial. This network contains more than 500 sets of transport and transmission. In 1993 began a new TV station posting to South-East Asia.
And works through three commercial television networks are running more than 150 stations in all countries of the region. The broadcasting services for the provision of multi-cultural programs in the capitals of all countries of the region.India
Services Indian television Doordarshan and named a government agency has up to about 82% of India's population, and also transmits the commercials, and in 1992 the government announced that they entrust to private companies to broadcast to major cities in India through other government TV station. Among the broadcast television services within the network's 523 device, the device 502 of them, linked to the Indian National Satellite INSAT. A satellite channel broadcasts educational curricula for schools and curriculum-oriented higher education. The Indian government provides most of the centers of social reception devices and maintenance. In 1991 services began Doordarshan broadcast the pilot to move the discussions both houses of parliament. In 1993 began to run all five new channels of TV.Indonesia
There are 10 stations with outlets, in addition to more than 240 station is built to transport local provincial national programs. There were more than 8.9 million by the TV in 1989, in addition to that there is a TV in 54 000 in rural villages.Ireland
Radio and television are responsible for the Irish broadcast television in the Republic of Ireland. Some programs are broadcast in the Irish language, but most of the programs broadcast in English. And there are two channels. It was passed in 1989 law establishing the station Tlvasip new business.
Nearly half of the programs broadcast by the Irish television programs has not produced locally. Irish TV and broadcast more than 100 hours of TV programs per week. The Government appoints the nine members of the Irish who are entrusted with the management of Irish television and radio.Malaysia
The sector run commercial television broadcasting in Malaysia, but Information Minister exercises control and supervision of the broadcast. Leave has been withdraw any company violating the Broadcasting Act and the Malaysian television for the year 1987. Being transmission of Sabah and Sarawak in all languages ​​and dialects of Malaysia.New Zealand
You are one of the institutions of the government's Department of Television New Zealand Television New Zealand under the name of the limited partnership with the private television network services. The solution Television New Zealand Limited replaced the Radio New Zealand the previous year 1988. Which is responsible for the production of programs for the networks of television. Local TV has begun to provide services to the territory of Canterbury in 1991.Philippines
Has five major broadcast TV networks across the islands with 19 carriers and seven channels of relay stations. The Parliament passed the 1992 law provides for the establishment of a public network TV under the name of the popular television network.Singapore
There are 3 channels Tlvasip. And broadcast stations, including the four official languages ​​in Singapore. Transmitted while the third leg is primarily in English.South Africa
Control the SABC TV in South Africa. This body operates under license from the government and financed through commercials and provide the SABC's four channels Tlvasip to serve viewers in seven languages. The channel first and fourth in both English and Afrikaans and Zulu languages ​​of the second channel and the channel Kouhsa and third languages ​​Soto, South, North and Tswana.United Kingdom
Controls most broadcasting stations and television in the United Kingdom either the BBC or the Independent Television Commission. The BBC Non profit, and financed mediated by license fees paid by owners of television sets. The device charges the highest fees colored device is not colored. The BBC broadcast television programs on channels I and II.
The Commission granted a concession to the independent television companies Tlvasip comprehensive service through two channels: the independent television channel or the third, and fourth channel, and transmitted a copy of the fourth channel of the territory of Wales.
In 1990, there were 16 companies Tlvasip independent regional in the United Kingdom. Each company to provide some programs to local viewers. However, during periods of peak seen, most companies offer the same programs. There is one type of software that companies adhere to its freewheeling, an independent television news programs. And television companies have independent television news programs and finance.United States of America
Governing the Federal Communications Commission broadcast television in the United States. The Committee is a federal government agency issued licenses for broadcast stations, and determine the frequencies that should be broadcast by the stations. This puts the standards for broadcasters and require them to give equal time to candidates for public office. In cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission, the credibility of live television ads. In 1946, there were 6 stations Tlvasip only in the United States. While this has become the number in 1988 1367 Station. And affiliated with nearly two thirds of the commercial stations in the United States to one of the three national networks, that is, they agree to broadcast programs that are furnished by these networks. And major national television networks are broadcasting companies of America, Inc. CBS, the National Broadcasting Company. The news network is Tlvasip major news station.
In 1988, she worked as a local commercial station 1033 in the United States. It is supposed to offer a variety of programs, including programs of concern local times during the main periods of any evening watching TV programs, where the largest number of viewers. And determine the Federal Communications Commission the amount of network programs broadcast by the station, the programs from outside the network consists mostly of old movies and talk shows, and sports programs, and re-programs the old network. Stations and buy these programs from independent bodies. The cost of these programs is less than if produced by the stations themselves.
Sold TV programs that are in the United States in all parts of the world, and running these programs in many countries an essential part of the transmission time.


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